Artificial intelligence (AI) is a widely discussed topic in various industries, including art, marketing, and even academic writing, which can be a bit controversial. As AI continues to advance, many businesses are exploring its implementation in content creation and copywriting through tools like ChatGPT and Jasper. This has raised concerns among professionals in the field about the potential for AI to replace human writers. However, it’s important to note that AI-generated content still requires human involvement.

Humans are needed to write the prompts, proofread the content, and fact-check the information being produced. Additionally, AI models often have limitations in terms of outdated information. If you opt for ChatGPT, real-time data is available through the ‘browse with Bing option’.

Nevertheless, one advantage of AI is the ability to generate content quickly, regardless of its size. It can also help reach a wider audience, enhance creativity, and provide perspectives from different angles. By considering these aspects and investing time in learning how to use AI effectively, you can give your content strategy an extra edge by incorporating it into your writing arsenal.


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