If your website is negatively affected by search engine rankings, Google will provide recommendations for recovery. During this process, Google assesses your website’s content based on its help content guide, rather than focusing on technical fixes. It’s important to remember that Google values valuable search experiences and favors quality content. Making drastic changes to your website may not be necessary, as it’s best to allow the algorithm to do its work.

You may be aware that Google recently released a core update, which may have an impact on search rankings. This update is part of Google’s ongoing commitment to providing users with high-quality search results. The update includes changes to the ranking release history page and has the potential to either boost or diminish search rankings, while some websites may remain unaffected.

It’s worth noting that the recovery time for rankings can take several months, and some affected content may not fully recover until the next major core update is introduced. As the effects of this update continue to unfold, it’s important for businesses and SEO professionals to be patient. Ultimately, prioritizing website quality over quick fixes is key to long-term success. For more detailed and up-to-date information, I recommend visiting the Google website.


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